Trade show booth ideas with small budgets

Chicago trade show boothVisiting a trade show is a great way to spread the word of your business or the services you provide.
Of course, it can also become rather expensive, as all sorts of different individuals are going to be there, taking up more space than you have and installing different sets, flashing lights and attention grabbing elements that are going to bring individuals to their booth. While you can’t really do this on a limited budget, there are ways you can improve your booth and still bring visitors to your table on a small budget. You just need to know a bit about what you are doing.

Large Image

For starters, you want one large image in the middle of the booth. One of the major problems people run into is trying to present too much information at once, which simply becomes a visual overload and people are just going to walk by.

This is because people want something their eyes can lock onto instantly. The one large image is going to do just this. Whether you do this through a poster like display or you have it digitally projected, simply having the single image is a great way to grab the attention of those who walk past. Flashing lights might be nice for the larger booths, but if they don’t have anything for someone to actually investigate further, they are not going to remain around for long.

Cut Down the Text

trade show boothsHave you ever seen one of those locally produced car dealership commercials where there is text flashing all over the screen, twirling from one corner to another as it bombards you with information?

Do you ever remember any of it? Probably not. In fact, the only thing you probably remember out of the entire commercial is how annoying it is.

This simply is again sensory overload and too much text is simply hard to read and hard to focus on. Due to this, you want to cut out any and all unnecessary text. You only want to include text that might enhance your image. You need to think about a simple call to action, or a tag line. These different bits of information are great to include and make it easy to understand.

Also, when it comes to fonts, make sure it is easy to read. Some people try to go with fancy texts, but the problem with this is some of these texts are difficult to read

Instead, always go with one that is easy to read and see. To make sure, you can always test out the text with someone who has never seen it before and ask them to read it out loud quickly. If they can’t, you need a different text.

Technology in Trade Show Booths

Sure, you might have a small budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use technology. If you have the funds to have a few tablets on hand so those who walk past can interact with your product, that is great, but if not, there are other options available to you.

People want a hands on approach, and you can do this with the creation of an app. Having a single device on hand with the application available for use is great, and you can have it available for download, so those guests checking out the trade show booths can download the content to their mobile device and investigate your products and services further.

This way, you always have something with the customer at all time and it increases the chances they are going to return to your table or order products online.